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    Maha Energy is a player in the oil and gas industry, focused in developing and operating productive fields to maximize value, while seizing special situation opportunities to drive profitability and generate value to its shareholders.



Maha Energy focuses on leading the oil and gas recovery industry by developing and operating productive fields, maximizing value, driving profitability, and working ethically and responsibly to benefit all stakeholders.



Our new concept is about rewriting journeys, renewing values and going beyond what has already been achieved.

Maha represents a unique platform geared to growing production through a combination of optimizing existing assets while also seeking to acquire new producing assets at attractive entry prices – particularly where we see a clear path to expanding volumes in a capital-efficient manner. With cash available for deployment, the right team in place to drive growth, and a sound go forward strategy, Maha has set out to find, secure and purchase good producing assets at attractive entry prices that can further support growing our production base.

In 2013, a new chapter began: the creation of Maha, an independent international oil company, focusing on recovering oil and gas reserves and operating productive assets. With a team of industry experts and a defined purpose, Maha began the journey of building a solid base of oil and gas assets and growing strategy.

Maha is an oil and gas company, aiming to become a leader within the field of recovering oil and gas reserves and operating productive assets in different regions of the world . In Oman, we are the operator of Block 70, which includes the Mafraq heavy oil field. In the US, we have production from our assets in the Illinois Basin, Illinois/ Indiana. In Brazil, we have indirect interests in two offshore assets through our equity participation in 3R Petroleum Offshore SA: the Peroá cluster, in the Espírito Santo Basin, which includes the Peroá and Cangoá producing fields and the Malombe discovery; and the Papa Terra field, in the Campos Basin, which is a heavy oil field in deep waters with additional upside potential.

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Illinois Basin
Illinois / Indiana, USA

95% Wl (Operator
46 deg API Oil)
Papa Terra Cluster
Campos Basin

9.375% Indirect Wl (Operator 3R Petroleum Offshore S.A.)
Peroá Cluster
Espírito Santo Basin

15% Indirect Wl (Operator 3R Petroleum Offshore S.A.)
Block 70, OMAN
65% WI
13 deg API Oil