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Maha Connect

Maha is committed to transparent and respectful dialogues with affected communities and local stakeholders. “MahaConnect” is the official communication channel for communication between local stakeholders and Maha.

Through this channel, we invite stakeholders to submit any questions, comments, concerns, or observations about Maha Energy’s operations in your community.

If you are a community member or local stakeholder (like a local supplier, contractor, or vendor) and have questions, concerns, or comments, please send an email or a letter to the MahaConnect mailboxes indicated below.

Brazil Office:


Rua Ataulfo de Paiva, 1165 – 5th Floor
Leblon – Rio de Janeiro, RJ


USA Office:


Maha Energy
139B Illinois Route 1,
Grayville, Illinois 62844


Oman Office:


1st floor, Optima Service Station
Next to SQUare Mall, Al Khoud 6
University block – SQU Al Khoud,


When submitting an email or letter to Maha, please ensure the following information is included.

You may also download and fill in the MahaConnect Form found here.

  1. Specify whether your inquiry is a question, concern, or general comment.
  2. Specify the location – LAK Ranch Field, Illinois Basin Field, Brazil or Oman.
  3. Specify the inquiry topic (like environment, health, job opportunities, etc.).
  4. Finally, include the inquiry.