Maha Energy AB (publ) (“Maha” or the “Company”) Announce Total Depth (“TD”) and Logging Results on Tie-4

The drilling of the well “Tie-4” is now complete.  A final measured depth of 2,221 m has been reached and the well has now been extensively logged, cased and cemented. The Agua Grande (AG) reservoir was penetrated 6.5m higher than prognosis and yielded 14 m net pay with an average permeability of 600 mD. The Sergi (SG) reservoir, while penetrated lower than prognosis, yielded higher than expected net pay of 6.4m with an average permeability of 282 mD.  Although present in this well, the Itaparica sandstone did not yield any net pay.

Jonas Lindvall, CEO of Maha Energy commented: ”After reconfiguring the Tie-4 well to a standard vertical well, TD was reached without any problems.  Electric logging results are encouraging and displays similar petrophysical properties to the already producing GTE-4 and Tie-2 wells. The well will now be completed using an electric submersible pump and then placed on production.”

Tie-4 Well Electric Logging Results

Agua Grande Prognosis Actual Difference Comment
Top -1917.0 m ss -1910.5 m ss + 6.5 Shallower
Base -1937.5 m ss -1932.2 m ss + 5.3 Shallower
Thickness 20.50 m 21.70 m + 1.2 Thicker
Net Pay 12 m 14 m + 2 Higher
Av. Permeability   608 mD    
Av Porosity   18%    

Sergi Prognosis Actual Difference Comment
Top -2030.5 mSS -2034.9 mSS – 4.4 Deeper
Base -2049.5 mSS -2056.5 mSS – 7.0 Deeper
Thickness 19.00 m 21.60 m + 2.6 Thicker
Net Pay 6 m 6.4 m + 0.4 Higher
Av. Permeability   282 mD    
Av Porosity   16%    

The Tie-4 well was originally designed as a horizontal well in the Agua Grande reservoir.  Three attempts were made to horizontally land the well, but after getting stuck in the third sidetrack it was decided to reconfigure the well as a conventional vertical well. The problematic Lower Candeais shale overlying the AG reservoir that proved to be unstable at high drilling angles displayed no stability problems in the vertical well.

The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out below, 16:00 CET on 22 December, 2021.

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